Monday, May 2, 2011


I WOULD GUESS (or hope) that there is some overlap between my readership and those who follow Jim Henson's Red Book on For those who don't know about that excellent blog, Jim Henson's Red Book, the actual physical book (or books), was a journal Jim Henson kept from 1965-1988 in which he made a one-line notation about what he did that day. The blog posts one of those notations every day, sometimes with historical information from the Henson archivist. Today's blog post reads: "5/2/1971 - 'Kermit reviews 11 frog books in NY Times Book Review." As my Google Reader tells me, this is "not a curated entry." But, what! Kermit the Frog reviews in the New York Times Book Review! So, I decided to dig up the actual reviews in order to see what it was all about. Of course, once I had the reviews I wanted to see if the books were available on Amazon, and then I thought, I'm not the only person who would want to see this list on Amazon, which meant a Listmania! must be made. So I made one. To see the froggy list with quotes from the actual reviews (as permitted by my 2000 character limit), check out With a Hop and a Croak: Kermit the Frog Reviews in the New York Times.

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