Wednesday, April 20, 2011


THINGS HAVE BEEN QUIET at We Too Were Children, Mr. Barrie this month. So quiet that, while I've been watching the calendar in anticipation of this momentous occasion, I still missed the one year anniversary of WTWC,MB. It was yesterday. That's right, one year ago (from yesterday), I posted my very first post on James Joyce's children's book The Cat and The Devil. Since then I've written about the children's books of Chinua Achebe, James Baldwin, Graham Greene, Patricia Highsmith, Eugene Ionesco, Toni Morrison, John Updike, Virginia Woolf, and many others. Hopefully, I've surprised and delighted you with some of these (okay, ideally, all of these) revelations. All I know, as a fairly technologically ignorant blogger, is that Blogger stats tells me I've had over 30,500 hits in the past year, I have 92 Blogger followers, and 175 Google Reader subscribers. All I can say to that is thank you. Thank you for your interest, your support, and your patience. I've been collecting many, many images for a blog post I hope to get online before the end of the month, and there are many, many more authors on my list (which never stops growing). So here's to another year. Thank you.

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