Thursday, July 26, 2012


IT'S BEEN QUIET here on We Too Were Children, but with good reason. My novel for adults The Twenty-Year Death comes out on August 7th. The L.A. Times today calls it a "Triumph." Stephen King (as you can see on the cover) calls it "Bold, innovative, and thrilling." Booklist says it is "immersive, exhilarating, and revelatory." People are excited! And as a result, I have spent the last month writing lots of guest posts, top ten lists, and essays that will appear on many different websites in the next few weeks. I have given a number of interviews, which will also show up online soon. And starting today, my new short story "Pawn" will be released on Hard Case Crime's Twitter feed sixty tweets a day for the next week (so make sure you follow @HardCaseCrime). To stay on top of all of the news, head over to my Facebook profile and hit the Like button. And most importantly, pre-order the book.

And as soon as the dust settles, I will be back with more We Too Were Children.