Friday, September 10, 2010


WHEN I LAUNCHED We Too Were Children, Mr. Barrie, I said in the Introduction that my goal was to highlight one author a week. For the first several months I met that goal, and then, as frequent readers know, this plan was horribly derailed by a time-consuming move (that seems to have no end--shades in the library, anyone?; a functional workspace in the basement?...). I made a strong comeback with my long-in-the-works series on Graham Greene, but I haven't had time to even touch the stack of books that will eventually lead to future posts. My work has been further hindered by a loss of library privileges, which has made getting materials rather difficult (a situation I am trying to remedy). I know how crucial frequent updates are to a blog's life, and it's eating me up that my blog has been so stagnant. So to avoid any nagging concerns or disappointments (is he ever going to post again? should I cancel my subscription?), I set out here a revised goal:

We Too Were Children, Mr. Barrie will continue to be updated indefinitely. These updates, however, will appear on an erratic and unpredictable schedule that will always strive for the platonic ideal of a new author a week. Realistically this will probably mean one to two authors a month, although I hold firm to the belief that life will normalize sometime in the near future and I can go back to devoting the several hours a day the blog required at its peak.

Now that that's in digital print, I can feel less guilt and pressure, and you can readjust your expectations, and everyone will be pleasantly surprised and happy when another unearthed treasure graces this blog. Be assured, I am working towards completing an enormous project that will be good for several weeks of posts (assuming people have continued interest in this author), and I have many other authors in various states of completion. For those of you who jumped on recently, there's still a strong backlog of posts to catch up on. For longtime readers, if you haven't been checking out the Flickr sets, there's great art there to peruse. And for diligent fans (okay, my family), there are other great blogs to check out on the Blogroll page.

Thanks to everyone who follows. ASW


  1. I'm just glad to have found you - post whenever, I'll still be here! Loved the Graham Greene series, a side to him I had no idea about.

    Thanks for doing what you do,

  2. We subscribe by RSS feed so we'll look forward to whenever this wonderful work is updated!

  3. Thank you all for your support. It makes it all worthwhile to know that there are people out there actually reading this stuff and that they like it.

  4. Mr. Ariel. I'm grateful you are doing this. As for the frequency of the posts... I will follow your blog no matter. It has an admirable goal and not easy to meet weekly. Actually, when I read the original introduction I asked myself how on earth will he be able to post about such an author and his/her out of print books EVERY WEEK?

    Thanks for sharing.